Last updated: April 9, 2018

10 Best Cities to Avoid Traffic

A recent survey compiled by The Telegraph revealed that people really do not like sitting in traffic. According to the poll, 34% of survey respondents chose getting caught in a traffic jam as their biggest cause of everyday stress. It was the highest result on the entire list.

If you also hate sitting in traffic, then these following cities might be the ideal place to buy your next home. The following are the ten best cities to avoid traffic as compiled by

#1: Eugene, OR

The Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful country, incessant rain, and coffee. You should also know Eugene, Oregon for being the best city in the country for the least amount of traffic in any American city. The average commute time in Eugene is an astounding 19.9 minutes. The average amount of time a commuter spends in traffic is 7.6 hours each year.

Eugene helps manage their traffic problem with a healthy number of bicycle commuters and a well-organized public transportation system.

#2: Corpus Christi, TX

We head to the Lone Star State for the next destination: Corpus Christi. Texas is well known for its low cost of living, affordable housing, and low taxes. Corpus Christi is also known for its lack of traffic and congestion. The average commute time is only 20 minutes.

Corpus Christi has a significant bussing infrastructure and budgets well for new bridges and roads.

#3: Wichita, KS

Wichita comes in on the list at number three. Kansas has some of the best deals in home prices with the median home value in Wichita coming in at only $170,000. Those are the best prices on this top ten list. In addition, Wichita drivers spend only 19.4 minutes during their average daily commute.

A lot of the traffic success story can be attributed to public spending. In 2015, the city invested $345 million to expand the major crosstown roadway.

#4: Reno, NV

Known as the “biggest little city in the world,” Reno comes in fourth for least traffic. The average daily commute is 21.4 minutes, with drivers spending about 11 hours in traffic each year. Nearby Las Vegas is twice that amount! Reno helps minimize traffic problems with a well-used regional bus system. They boast 8 million riders per year.

Median home prices in Reno come in at $430,000, but you might expect to pay a little bit more for all the entertainment in town.

#5: Brownsville, TX

Situated right on the Mexico-Texas border, Brownsville boasts a commuter time of only 20.1 minutes. The city has prioritized investment into the public transit system, adding around $10 million per year on new infrastructure projects.

Perhaps the real reason that Brownsville has such low commute times is they have an amazingly few number of traffic accidents. They were ranked #2 nationwide on the America’s Best Drivers Report by Allstate Insurance in 2017.

The Remaining Top 10

Here are the remaining top ten cities with the best traffic in the USA:

#6: Provo, UT

#7: Fort Wayne, IN

#8: Huntsville, AL

#9: Tallahassee, FL

#10: Augusta, GA

There’s quite a selection geographically. The states range from north to south, east to west. There are real gems out there to avoid a long commute no matter what region of the country you love.

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