Last updated: May 23, 2018

10 DIY Summer Ideas to Renovate Your Home

With great weather and plenty of daylight, summer is an ideal time to renovate your home. And if the kids are home, why not put them to work with a paint brush or some garden tools to keep them active? Here are ten ideas that you can do yourself to renovate your home this summer.

#1: Air Conditioner

Is there anything better in the world than cold air on a hot day? If your home does not have an air conditioner, then there are several options that you can consider. Remember, any electrical wiring should be done by a professional to avoid risk of injury.

#2: Fans

Ceiling fans are another great way to cool your home on a budget. Fans are one of the least expensive renovation projects – and they make a big difference. Fans come in a lot of styles, colors, and varieties to match any style of home. Again, fans will require access to electricity and you must be very attentive to safety precautions.

#3: Windows

Most energy waste in the home is through the windows, either with the hot sun warming your home or with cold winter air stealing your heat. Energy efficient windows are an intelligent way to minimize that problem.

#4: Interior Paint

Painting in the summer is much easier than during the cooler times of the year, because the paint dries faster. With some proper taping and drop clothes, you can very easily apply a professional level paint job to any room in your home. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders.

#5: Fences & Gates

Fences and gates, particularly if they surround your front yard, are like the picture frame of your home. Replacing pickets that are broken and refreshing with paint is a great chore for the entire family. For a little investment you can get a lot of impact on your curb appeal.

#6: Bathroom

Bathrooms are one part of your home that can really add to your property value if renovated. You might consider re-tiling the floor or walls, replacing the toilet for style and for water efficiency, or updating fixtures on your sink and bath. While the bathroom will require a bit more upfront investment, they generally pay off more if done properly.

#7: Pressure Sprayer

A pressure sprayer is a summer-friendly way to quickly clean the exterior of your home. You can use this to remove mildew, staining, mud, algae, dirt, and mold from payment, cement, and your exterior walls. Be careful not to apply directly to your outside walls if it could damage your home’s paint.

#8: Gutters

Fixing up your gutters is not only important for the look of your home – it can protect your home from damage. If your gutters fill with dead leaves, then the water will overflow rather than going through the drainage system. This can kill garden beds and crack your walls and foundation. Heavy gutters are also more likely to break and fall.

#9: Pool

Obviously, adding a pool is a big investment and is usually handled by pros, but there are plenty of DIY projects that you can do to improve a pool already in the ground. Adding safety fencing is important to keep out unsupervised children from the pool area. You could also add shade screens to make the area around the pool more enjoyable on hot days.

#10: Deck Maintenance

Don’t forget to take care of your decking. Making sure it is properly sealed against the elements is the smart way to prevent damage. Also, be sure to replace any boards that are warped or rotting before it’s too cold to be working outside.

Of course, one method of paying for renovations and DIY projects is with a cash-out refinance. If you’re looking to fall back in love with your home, get in touch with one of our trained mortgage professionals and see if we can help you access your equity.