Last updated: November 20, 2017

5 Tips to Make a New House Feel Like Home

You’ve signed on the dotted line and now the new property is yours. Making that new house feel like a home can take some time. For some of us, we’ve come from another property that had hosted a lot of special memories – birthdays, holidays, romantic evenings, maybe even the arrival of a new baby. Saying goodbye to those memories is hard.

Your new house is an empty vessel waiting to become that special place. Here are five tips to help you make that new house feel like home.

Tip #1: Plan Your Space

From our experience, the number one thing that bothers new homeowners is trying to get their furniture to fit into their new home. It’s frustrating and it will make you feel unsettled. Spend the time to think about how you are going to arrange your stuff into your new space. Walk through the empty house and mark it out on the ground if that helps. The leather couch will go here and dad’s recliner will go there. If you’ve got too much furniture for a room, then look to move it into another space or perhaps even another owner. If you’re light on furniture, then prioritize the big buys for the most commonly used areas first.

Tip #2: Create Traditions

You’re in a new home and it’s okay to bring your family traditions with you. Consider creating new ones, as well. It’ll make your home feel special and will add unique memories as a result. Maybe a tire swing in the backyard. Or consider marking the height of the kids on a door frame. Perhaps your new home has an unused nook that you could use for a cozy read or holiday decorations. Be creative with your new traditions and they will reward you for many years to come with happy memories.

Tip #3: Add Pictures

Nothing says your space more than pictures of your life events, your family, your memories. Add pictures all over the house. Keep in mind your design preference. Some rooms may benefit from rich, full color photographs that fill a wall and tell a story from your past. Other rooms might be better suited for black and white photo portraits that capture an elegance and austerity. When considering where to add photos, don’t just think about your walls. Standing photo frames or even digital frames can be spread throughout the home on end tables, countertops, coffee tables, and more.

Tip #4: Host Events

If your new house feels low on memories, then it’s time to start creating some new ones. Host events at your home. Make sure to be creative and inspired with your ideas to make it truly memorable and special. Start with a house warming party with your family and friends to share in the new space together. Other ideas you might consider for your new home are barbeques, game nights, family movies, birthday parties in the backyard, and holidays like July Fourth, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Tip #5: Add Texture

Part of the problem with your new home’s lack of feeling might be a lack of design. You’ve got your pictures up on the walls, but something seems missing. Could it be that your house feels impersonal and boring? If so, then add texture to your home’s interior space to make it stand out more and feel more inviting. Consider using a throw rug in well trafficked rooms, bean bags for the kids in the family room, fresh fluffy towels and mats in the bathrooms, and greenery near the windows and glass doors.

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