Last updated: January 26, 2018

And the Winner Is…

The end of January is the beginning of that time of year. No, not the inevitable collapse of resolutions to eat more veggies or hit the gym. Award season! Music and film and television and theater – even architecture gets in on the action.

You know who needs an annual award? The mortgage industry.

In lieu of walking the red carpet and explaining which fabulous designers we’re wearing, Pacific Union is proud to present the In-House Awards for General Distinction, also known as the Housies.

Okay. Maybe we need to work on the name.

Best New Artist

There was a lot of excitement about competition in this category, but the winner was our exclusive PacificPlus.

Buyers have changed along with the shifting market. Younger borrowers are more mobile, and consequently reluctant to put down roots in one market when a job might take them to another at any time. PacificPlus is a down payment protection product that gives buyers the confidence to purchase in any market with confidence.

Up to 100% of a buyer’s down payment can be insured against market downturns or the need to relocate. In the end, that was worth the win.

Best Remix

The remix category is always exciting. Seeing what mortgage artists can do with existing programs and products keeps the industry riveted. That’s why there was so much chatter leading up to this award. And the winner is Overlay Reductions!

Pacific Union already had minimal overlays, but on Nov. 6, 2017, we reduced them even further. Across multiple products. Across multiple channels. Taking the FICO score on some products down to as low as 500. This allows our Wholesale and Correspondent partners to expand their credit reach. We love to make it easy for our clients to reach more borrowers and close more loans.

Best Duo Performance

Of all the categories, this one was the only clear slam-dunk. The bookies in Vegas weren’t even taking bets because the winner was so obvious. The hot new duet is…Loan Officers and borrowers together in our new Point of Sale system.

Borrowers can now share a screen with their LO to make completing an application easier than ever, and LOs can upload and get feedback or approvals in a swift and professional manner. This system overhaul allows us to make beautiful mortgage music together.

Next Year’s Awards

As you can see, the 2017 Housies were pretty wild. Just wait until you see what we do this year.