Last updated: March 19, 2018

Cash Out for Spring Break

Spring break! Two words to bring joy to the hearts and minds of students, if some trepidation to their parents. Let’s take a look at some of the best spring break options for solo students, family outings, and those who want something just a little different – and how to afford the trip of a lifetime.

Greatest Hits

The classic American spring break involves sun and sand. Here in Texas, where Pacific Union Financial is headquartered, that means South Padre Island. Folks from all over the Lone Star State – and elsewhere – come to this tropical barrier island to swim, shop, surf, and parasail, not to mention keep an eye out for dolphins.

Key West, Daytona Beach, and Virginia Beach all see plenty of spring breakers as well. And the beachiest non-beach, Arizona’s Lake Havasu offers houseboats and beach camping.

Other perennial party destinations are also frequent spring break spots. Las Vegas and New Orleans both get their share of visitors, for example, as do cruise destinations like Cabo San Lucas and Cancun in Mexico.

Family Fun

For family-friendly fun that still makes a splash, many spring breakers head to an atypical spot: Wisconsin. While early spring is usually too chilly for the lakes, the state boasts multiple indoor splash parks and resorts.

Some families take advantage of the many U.S. national parks, especially those in more southerly states, or road trip to other areas of cultural import. Not a bad idea to leave the kids with memories that are educational as well as entertaining.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Speaking of entertaining, for people looking for something atypical, the country has plenty to offer. Huge cave complexes in New Mexico and Kentucky. Wild ponies on Virginia’s Chincoteague Island. Broadway in New York City. World-famous bookstores like Powell’s in Portland or the Tattered Cover in Denver. The City Museum in St. Louis was even voted the #1 Family Attraction in the World by There is no shortage of amazing places just a bit off the beaten track.

Cashing Out to Travel

Making memories isn’t always free. But if there’s equity in your home, a cash-out refinance can help you access it. Not only for travel, of course, although there’s something to be said for the magic only travel can provide. That money can be used as an emergency fund, or to pay for college, or put right back into the house in the form of a remodel to improve its value.

If you’re ready to refinance, get in touch. We love to help – and to say bon voyage.