Last updated: June 26, 2018

EXPwholesale: By Brokers, For Brokers

Wholesale brokers have unique needs. And who better to understand those needs than other Wholesale brokers? Seems logical to us. So when we set out to design the ultimate Wholesale tool, we made sure brokers were a part of the conversation from the beginning.

Combining their real-world knowledge with intelligent user experience and forward-looking tech has allowed Pacific Union to build a portal unlike any other. We call it EXPwholesale. And it rocks.


Built from the ground up, EXPwholesale is designed to make it as easy as possible for Wholesale brokers to do business with Pacific Union. We wanted our partners to be able to do everything they need in one location — no jumping from site to site.

Here are just a few of the advantages:

  • Intuitive interface: You should be able to find everything you need to manage your Pacific Union loans with one click. And now you can.
  • Fast Pricing Scenarios: Provide your borrowers with different pricing scenarios in minutes with our QuickPricer tool.
  • Smarter Design: From enhanced automation to quick drag and drop document uploads to simple electronic forms, you can say good-bye to printing and old manual processes.
  • Pipeline management: Never face a surprise. With clear expectations, pipeline management is more predicable than ever.
  • Mobile friendly: Sometimes you have to be on the go. Shouldn’t your best tools go with you? We thought so too. So we made it happen.
  • Clear conditions: Handle your conditions management needs right from the EXPwholesale dashboard with increased simplicity.

Supporting Our Wholesale Vision

Like Mike Royer says in this video, simple is better. Dealing with complex interfaces and the need to keep multiple sites open isn’t simple — nor efficient. With EXPwholesale, you can not only lock rates and upload files with ease, you can simplify your day.

We believe technology should serve brokers, not the other way around. Now it does. That’s the EXPwholesale experience, and you can only get it at Pacific Union.