Last updated: June 21, 2018

EXPwholesale: Top-Tier Tech for Brokers

Historically, mortgage technology hasn’t been very, well…technological. There are multiple aspects of the mortgage process that have always generated a great deal of paperwork, and online systems have been kludged together on top of that legacy. But at Pacific Union Financial, we’re not interested in “we’ve always done it that way.” We’re interested in doing it right.

Introducing EXPwholesale, a new broker portal designed to be everything that mortgage tech hasn’t been.


EXPwholesale is about to make Pacific Union the firm of choice with mortgage brokers nationwide. It’s not just a pipeline management tool – though it does that. It’s not just a submission portal – though it does that, too. It’s an all-in-one environment that will take Wholesale business to the next level. How?

EXPwholesale is Efficient

As our VP of Product Management Katie Sweeney put it, “Pacific Union heard our clients loud and clear – it was evident we needed to increase our focus on the client experience. EXPwholesale does just that.” We designed it with the end user in mind to be clean, modern, and most importantly, efficient. Nothing is by accident. Nothing is left to chance.

EXPwholesale is Smart

EXPwholesale will also offer enhanced automation. The interface is intuitive and uses practical, real-world language to help brokers not only see their current pipeline at a glance but know what’s coming next. Instant insight. What could be smarter than that?

EXPwholesale is Fast

Need to price different scenarios in a hurry? No problem. Our QuickPricer tool allows you to do just that. Tired of printing form after form? No worries. Every form in EXPwholesale is electronic. On top of that, the quick drag and drop feature makes it easier than ever to upload documents in seconds.

EXPwholesale is Easy

Pipeline management? Check. Conditions management? Check. Document uploads and product views and rate locks? Check, check, and check. EXPwholesale is built to provide brokers the comprehensive portal they need to make doing business with Pacific Union easy. A new one-page submission form and mobile functionality make EXPwholesale a one-stop shop.

The mortgage industry has a lot of traditions. Unfortunately, one of them is tired old tech. We’re breaking free of that tradition with EXPwholesale – and we’re just getting started.

Save more time. Reach more borrowers. Close more loans.