Last updated: November 20, 2017

National Entrepreneurs’ Day Profile: Evan Stone

In 2004, Evan Stone founded Pacific Union Financial.

In 2012, entrepreneurs David Hauser, Siamak Taghaddos, and Amir Tehrani founded National Entrepreneurs’ Day after a White House visit to discuss startups and innovation.

And now, in 2017, Evan Stone is resuming his role as Pacific Union’s President and CEO to remind everyone that entrepreneurs can change the world – just in time for National Entrepreneurs’ Day to roll around again.

Back to the Beginning

2004 was a good time to be in the mortgage industry, but there was still a segment of the American population that wasn’t receiving any attention. Seeing this, Evan and his brother founded Pacific Union Financial with the goal of serving the underserved – specifically, people with less-than-perfect credit that nonetheless were a solid investment.

By treating these borrowers with the same respect and attention as people with flawless FICO scores, Evan built a business that was in a solid position to weather the storms of 2008. The Great Recession is in the rearview mirror, now, and Pacific Union is still going strong.

Why Start a Business?

Like most entrepreneurs, Evan is a little driven. As you can see from the Pacific Union profile at The M Report, he started with only two loan officers and one loan processor in a tiny shoebox of an office.

Business started to pick up, but in 2006, as the first stirrings of market uncertainty were being felt, things started slowing down. It was the addition of wholesale lending to the existing mortgage brokerage that had the company actually turning a profit in the dark days of 2008.

Where Pacific Union is Now

Today, the company Evan built supports Retail, Wholesale, and Correspondent channels, employing more than 1500 people. Not a bad run. And he’s just getting started.

Curious about National Entrepreneurs’ Day?

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